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Wholesale Solar Distributor UK.

DigiTsun solar Energy is a Wholesale Solar Distributor operating in UK from its warehouses in London and Birmingham. We are a leading distributor of top quality solar panels, solar inverters, solar battery banks such as; Canadian Solar Panels, ABB Inverters, Mounting Structure & Much more. In addition to our UK operations, we also export wholesales solar equipment to the trade in Africa, Asia, and middle east.   To contact us or register with DigiTsun solar energy for your online wholesale price list for your  next project.

We can make a beginning. Remember the journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step-Lao Tsu.

Turnkey Commercial Solar Power Systems

DigiTsun Green power  is an industry leading provider of commercial scale turnkey solar power systems. We have our own in house team of solar engineers, accredited solar designers, accredited solar installers, licensed electricians and project managers so all work is conducted by our experienced and qualified in-house solar engineering and in-house solar installation teams. This ensures stringent and effective quality control over every step of the commercial solar process from system design, installation, commissioning through to ongoing performance monitoring and reporting.

For more information about installing commercial solar power at your site or to arrange an obligation free site assessment and proposal contact us.

Electricity Cost Savings with Solar Power

While most of the solar industry focuses on simple small scale residential systems, the economics of solar power are perhaps even more favourable for commercial solar. Commercial sites tend to use more energy during the day when electricity rates are high. This coincides with the output of solar power systems which can generate a significant portion of a site’s daytime load and also reduce peak demand charges considerably.

Typical payback periods are under 5 years. The payback period can in fact be much lower than this for manufacturing sites.

DigiTsun Green Power can model the output of any proposed solar power system to determine the effect that it will have on your electricity bill accounting for all charges and time of use tariffs based on real world data and site electricity data. We can provide a feasibility report which contains a range of financial analysis to allow an investment decision to be made based on all the facts, rather than using rule of thumb figures like our competitors.  This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is digitsunenrgy12-2-1024x584.jpg